Alternative Dispute Resolution

As a firm we acknowledge the growing adoption of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Kenya towards the promotion of alternative forms of conflict management. As Arbitrators and Accredited Mediators duly qualified under the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, we undertake dispute resolution in arbitration and mediation.

Mediation refers to a method of conflict management where conflicting parties gather to seek solutions to the conflict, with the assistance of a third party who facilitates the discussion. The main attributes of mediation are that it aims to preserve relationships between the parties by arriving at mutually acceptable outcomes of the process, it is cheaper, friendly and informal and it can be enforced as a Mediation Agreement after the parties have agreed and signed it. Arbitration on the other hand is where parties in dispute agree to present their grievances to a third party, an Arbitrator, for resolution and who will render judgement in accordance with the merits of the case and not be influenced in any way by extraneous matters. It is a private, confidential and consensual process, it is cheaper and quick and parties agree on the timetable mutually. The Award by the arbitrator is binding and enforceable and has the same effect as a court judgement.