Non-profit Organisations

Our firm provides legal advisory and services with respect to registration of various types of nonprofit organizations in Kenya. NGOs are mainly registered for the promotion of social welfare, development, charity, or research in the areas inclusive of – but not restricted to – health, relief, agriculture, education, industry and others. Companies limited by guarantee in Kenya are companies whose liability is limited by the guarantee of the members. The characteristics of such companies are that they (i) must be incorporated without a share capital; (ii) the liability is limited by the guarantee of its members; and (iii) its Certificate of incorporation must state that it is a company limited by guarantee. Registration of Foundations in Kenya mostly takes this form.

A Society is registered primarily for religious purposes, cultural, political, patriotic, benevolent or cultural reasons. Types of registered Societies in Kenya include charitable societies, private member clubs, churches, welfare societies, political parties etc. On the other hand, charitable in Kenya are registered as body corporates and established for religious, educational, literary, scientific, social, sports or charitable purposes.